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The BEST!!

Posted: 1321 days ago

I have had the absolute pleasure of doing business with Perry-Lathrop for many years. Had two cars s repaired, one was black and you could not tell that any body work had been done, considering that our car had been T-boned right between both doors on the passenger side. Beautiful job! My friend has had stuff done 5 times for different things and every one was done to perfection. Their Mustang had gotten hit by a thrown item that dented the top of the rear quarter panel. After the work was done? Perfect! Same for his car that had a portable garage blow over during a very high wind storm. Only place he will go to now. I cannot recommend these people enough. If you need body work, and even car repairs ( put an engine in my brother-in-law's truck) you will never go wrong using Perry- Lathrop!

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