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Colchester CT

One of The Best in Excellent Customer Support and Workmanship

Posted: 1712 days ago

Let me preface that this review will be long but the message is just the same as the previous customer recommendations so I apologize for the lack of brevity.

I've been a customer of the Perry Lathrop organization since 1985 and have had 4 vehicles repaired there. The first 3 vehicles were pre-2001 vehicles. The last one of the 3 being my pride and joy which I still own today. It was side swiped 2 months into ownership after purchasing it brand new from the dealership. The Perry Lathrop team returned my car back to show room condition and to this day looks just the same. I asked for OEM replacement parts and for the restoration work to much chagrin of the insurance company and Perry Lathrop insisted that's how it would be. Perry Lathrop came through and delivered. They fought with the insurance company and restored my car to pre-collision condition. Keep in mind that was back in 2001 and I moved away from the Waterford area.

After 17 years away from Waterford without a single issue with a vehicle, I had a similar experience recently in 2018 with the purchase of a like new used truck. Five weeks into ownership and it was rear-ended. I went to the at-fault insurance company's preferred repair facility and received a repair estimate because it was convenient for me, my mistake from the start. After the insurance company's review of the estimate they denied part of the repair work and as expected they insisted on after market replacement parts. Because Perry Lathrop was a great distance away I decided to pay a visit to my old friends for a 2nd opinion. I spoke with Randy Perry. He assured me not to worry. He fought for any and all OEM replacement parts for the repair job and work they denied which he was able to obtain. The repair job was just the same. As expected, the Perry Lathrop team came through a 100%. And I received what I expected even after a 17 year absence from Waterford. Thank you Randy, Todd, and the Perry Lathrop team. Outstanding as usual.

Perry Lathrop has been in business for 42 years. There's a reason for that. They can turn a negative into a positive very fast. Customer support is #1.

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